A collection of 5,555 unique 3D NFTs randomly generated in MultiversX.

In one of the fastest blockchains, some xApes have appeared who combine art with utility and will create an exclusive community.


All holders of the xApes collection are part of an exclusive club where they have multiple benefits. Each member will receive a passive income, access to our JungleversX and many other surprises along the way.

Join us in our vision where the community comes first, so every decision will be made together with our members through the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

Certificate of Membership

We have a limited collection for the community of 555 cards. 

40 will be given to OGs, 15 for giveaway and 500 will be minted.

You will have priority access to the whitelist of the xApes collection.

The holder of a membership card will have the power to vote in two directions, in which way do you want the project to go and what benefits you want for owners xApes.

xCard will increase the passive income from the xApes collection

Because you have a membership certificate, you will receive mint discounts on our collection, whitelisted for partener collections and airdrops.

Secondary Market


xApes Coin

The xApesCoin is the basis of the monetary system in JungleversX.




xApes brings to the community a whole decentralized digital Jungle, an amazing space that we will create for the all 5,555 Apes where you can Play 2 Earn, socialize, make new friends, share ideas and will keep the community united.

Working together to shape our world for difference.

To ensure that our holders benefit to the maximum, we have established strategic partnerships with innovative projects that can solve your key problems.

We believe long-term and impactful partnerships are essential to fulfilling our mission.

So we work with and alongside others to shape the world for difference – so that every individual can thrive.

We can’t do it alone. Partnering with others who share our mission and are on our journey will lead to even greater impact.

Stronger together.

Meet our Team

Pauna Mihai

Social Media Moderator     

( Co-Founder )

Radu Valentin

Marketing Manager

( Co-Founder )

Dumitru Felix

Business Manager 

( Co-Founder )

Ionut State


( Partner )

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