The Business Plan Behind JungleversX

  • Using the budget in 2 directions: – Game development ( JungleversX )
                                                                     – External marketing ( Facebook, TikTok, Google Ads )
  • MVP (Minimum Viable Product) validated.
  • External adoption ( outside the crypto space ).
  • This type of game occupies several positions in the TOP on Google Play and the Apple store ( top downloads and top revenues ).
  • We chose this plan for the following reasons:
  • It is very easy to bring in people from outside the crypto space, which means an external income.
  • It is an already validated product and has a very large market.
    – Attract more users with a reasonable marketing budget.
    – It is easy to monetize if we have external adoption.
    – We bring added value to the MultiversX ecosystem.
    – Easily scalable.
  • The game will be Free2Play, which means that anyone can play, but those without NFT will bring in external revenue through:
    – Income from in-game advertisements.
    – Purchases with fiat money.
    – We want to introduce subtle exposure into the game for other projects in MultiversX. Marketing for other projects will require a cost by purchasing our token. This exposure will not be shown through classic ads, but will be integrated directly into the game, not affecting the gameplay experience.
  • External revenues will return to the ecosystem.
  • Just an example:
    – 40% buy back tokens and burn
    – 40% buy back tokens redistributed through staking/ P2E
    – 20% team

    At the moment there are 25 million EGLD in the ecosystem and everyone is playing with the same money.

  • We don’t want an internal game where money moves from one user to another. JungleversX will be totally different.
  • We want to attract external income to bring added value both to the xApes project and to the entire ecosystem.
  • The game will be a light one, marketed in social media as a simple game, not as a crypto game. In the first phase, only xApes holders will earn income. Depending on the adoption, it will be possible to earn real money in the game for those who play for free, but with a significantly lower percentage, so as not to affect the ecosystem.
  • We want to do this in order to increase adoption as much as possible over time. There are many people who play for pleasure, if they receive an income no matter how small is it, the adoption will increase exponentially. For this phase, we want the income generated from the game to be withdrawn directly in fiat.
  • We will tell you again that the game will be created not to look like a game in the crypto space, but will be created especially for the majority of users regardless of whether they have ever interacted with the crypto space or not.
  • More updates about JungleversX will follow.

Meet our Team

Beck Chester

Web3 Developer

Pauna Mihai

Social Media Moderator

Radu Valentin

Marketing Manager

Dumitru Felix

Business Manager

Ionut State


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